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It's time to change the way we scale data and network processing

An 'accelerant' is something that makes things go faster.  We bring that acceleration to multiple verticals, and in many configurations.

It started ten years ago, helping Tier 1 telecom carriers to deploy 'services'.  With 'services' came the expected baggage of multiple vendors and many flavors of middleware.  After spending millions of dollars and many years in development, XLRYNT was able to demonstrate the exact same functionality could be achieved in a few pages of Java code.  Adding insult to injury, that same service was then implemented in a hardware prototype, $20k and two months later, we could show a proof of concept with 10x the capacity, 1/10 the  latency, and less than 1/10 the cost. 

At XLRYNT, we are constantly looking for opportunities to deliver two or three orders of improvement for customers.  This can be increasing capacity, performance, or decreasing data center footprint, power/cooling, or time to market.  Our patent pending technologies cover data loading/ETL, network accelerated storage, GPU acceleration of processing and networking applications, proprietary hardware accelerators, and application specific expertise.


Currently, XLRYNT does not offer any public products, we only work with partners established in their vertical.

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