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The experts at XLRYNT have spent decades consulting with Fortune 500 clients about ways to accelerate their architectures, and extract more business value from less resources.

Now XLRYNT is providing hardware and software solutions in targeted areas by focusing on some areas where legacy systems fall short in performance today.  Take a look at the areas detailed below, and contact us if these are areas that your organization is having issues.




Data Loading/ETL/Analysis



XLRYNT Technologies enables your company to leverage our hardware solutions at 1/10/40/100 Gbps per channel to bring data in at unprecedented speeds. 

Data can be loaded into memory, moved to storage, or pipelined between nodes.  All routes are tuned to line speed.



Whether you are loading financial records, telecom call records, or medical research results,  XLRYNT can work with your team to achive that order of magnitude improvement.



Network Storage



With the huge influx of data, legacy storage platforms sometimes fall short in servicing the demand.  XLRYNT helps partners design for scalability and latency.


Big Data Goes Hardware



One of the specialties of XLRYNT is accelerating Big Data Operations. Gartner Research would have you believe that the days of Big Data are behind.  We disagree.  Now that architects understand the model of Map / Reduce, they can finally comprrehend the benefits that come from a hardware solution that delivers orders of magnitude throughput and processing impreovements.

A 'small' cluster of XLRYNT enabled nodes can obtain an order of magnitude overall performance improvement over legacy systems.  We are currently working with partners to bring that technology to the mainstream.

Terabit Data Solutions



XLRYNT technology delivers a new level of acceleration.  Imagine being able to deliver streamig HD or UHD/4K to tens of thousands of users from a single node. 

The technologies that allow XLRYNT to scale data ingestion and analysis also enable XLRYNT to push data to the customer at rates previously not seen in produciton. 


Talk with an XLRYNT representative today to find out how your data streams can benefit.

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